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Parents often aren’t onto the fact that their children lead a double online life. Time and again kids younger than 13 years old create Facebook and Instagram accounts, teens communicate with strangers in chat rooms and add strangers to their social media. Many teens also pretend to be honest users of the Facebook, add their parents to their social media accounts and parents can watch through the shared photos and comments. However, their children create another “unofficial” Facebook accounts unsupervised by parents. Another story is Finstagram, or finsta, teens’ second accounts on the Instagram where they post photos that their parents would definitely not approved. Keylogger can reveal the truth. Let’s figure out, how.

The possibilities of this kind of monitoring software

  • Monitoring keystrokes

Great tool is able to save all keys that have been typed on a PC being completely invisible to the users of the computer. As a result, the user of a keylogger is able to look through all messages, emails, passwords and chats typed to a computer. Thus parent will be able to find out the login information and check if whether a kid had created a hidden account on the Facebook. Take into consideration that there are input fields on the computer that are secured at the system level so they will be untrackable by any monitoring tool.

  • Recording Messaging and Emails

Parents can check all messages sent and received via any Instant Messenger like Viber, Skype, iChat Messages, GTalk and many others. Thus they can make sure that their minors are not involved in sexting or cyberbullying.

  • Possibility to use the tool remotely

The keystroke recorder will save all the keystrokes and send it to the parent’s email or upload it to a server and parent will get access to it, it’s up to the user. No antivirus or antispyware tools will detect it as it runs on the background in a stealth mode. No one will find out that the computer is supervised as it won’t be shown in Windows Start Menu or OS X Launchpad.

  • Saving the web browsing history

One of the biggest advantages of this tool is that it can save not only keystrokes but URLs of visited websites also. This software captures the browsing history from the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari and other browsers including the sites that had been deleted from the history. Also you can look through the history of searches – that can be really useful if you want to find out more about your kid’s interests and activities

  • User-friendly interface

It is easy to install and use it and even non tech-savvy parent can handle the process of installation. Once installed, the tool will start saving keystrokes immediately, so there is no need to get physical access to the user’s computer in order to get necessary information.

  • Possibility to take screenshots

You can set the periodicity of taking screenshots and the tool will save them for you.

There are really no downsides to using keyloggers. Use them to protect those you love!

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