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Keylogger Software

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There is a thought that often comes to minds of thoughtful parents and employers: how to check the activities of kids or staff without interrupting their performance on the computer? For the most part it is impossible to say what these guys are doing on their computers unless you are staring on the screen behind their shoulders, but, of course, in the real world this approach won’t work at all.

It is obvious that kids (teens especially) know more than parents about new technologies because parents learn to use them and kids live with technologies tightly implemented in their lives. Employees are also full of resource when it comes to hiding their real activities and creating an impression of being really busy workers. That is why simple ways of checking their activities like random peeking on the monitor or looking through the web browsing history (even 10-year-olds know how to delete age-inappropriate websites from the history). The most efficient option is to use a keylogger: such program gives the well-rounded information on any keystroke made or received by the user.

Employers use keyloggers to:

  • evaluate the performance of the employees
  • find out whether staff uses corporative devices and working hours to solve personal issues
  • motivate employees to spend more time on working instead of chatting or using the social media

Parents usually take an advantage of this software this way:

  • Make sure that their children are not involved in sexting or chat with strangers in the chat rooms
  • Check whether kids receive and answer messages or emails from unknown contacts
  • Check if the kids are victims of cyberbullying
  • Look through the web browsing history (including the sites deleted from it by the kid)
  • Get access to all texting performed on the PC

One of the main advantages of the keystroke recorder is that it can work in a stealth mode driving no attention and gathering all information to the control panel of the user.

The main features of the keylogging software:

  • making screenshots in certain intervals
  • recording all keystrokes in any program, site or app
  • saving a list of all visited websites (including the search made in the incognito mode)
  • chat recording
  • stealth mode
  • ability to record all keystrokes on all user accounts created on the computer
  • the program is secured with help of the passcode so even if the user finds it on the computer, he won’t be able to delete or disable it

As a result, the observer connects the dots and renders a verdict whether the user seizes the computer properly. This remote monitoring software is a must for parents who want to take care of their children and protect them from any possible online danger like cyberbullying, sexting, identity theft or stalking.

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