Online Safety

Best software to ensure online safety of your children

online safety

Protection against hostile environment

Online environment poses a real threat to children nowadays. It is possible to meet anyone online so parent should limit Internet access or monitor closely children’s activity.

Today we all have unlimited access to the Internet and there are a lot of software that allows anyone hacking our devices and stealing personal information. Some of these apps can be used by parents to control their children, by CEOs who want to ensure safety of commercial data or, even, by jealous partners who suspect that significant other met someone online. You don’t have to be a proficient PC user to download and install required software, but after doing so you will be able monitoring target PC remotely and also controlling its activity performed under multiple user accounts. With the use of this software parents can view Internet browsing history and react accordingly – in some cases it will be useful blocking some websites with adult content.  If you decided to purchase or download for free keylogger software keep in mind that protecting your family and children must be your top priority – don’t try intervening in others’ personal lives.

Keylogger software for responsible parents

Almost every child and teenager has own PC to prepare home assignments, watch videos, chat with friends, play games etc.  At some point parents are starting to notice that a child spends too much time online or has new friends and chatting all the time and considering installing monitoring software in order to find out more about children’s pastime.

Numerous features are available for a wide range of platforms and it is possible finding excellent free software available, some of which may be better suited to your individual needs as a parent. Every keylogger software tracks what your children are typing and which websites they visiting. This software also keeps a record of which programs and apps they use. Some products may have voice-activated sound recorder that can be useful for parents, curious about with whom their children talking online.

Before installing one make sure the chosen software can run on PCs and mobile devices to ensure better level of monitoring; some types of free software can cover only one device. Other, paid ones, can offer stealth monitoring of WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger conversations or even allow parents listening to phone calls.

Why parents choose to install keylogger software to monitor children?

Different types of spy and keystroke recorders today allow parents monitoring their children’s online activity remotely. This software is extremely useful if used in preserving child’s safety purpose.

Users can choose the software according to its features and price. All types are operating great with Windows, Mac and Linux. Protective parents from now on can be completely sure that their children won’t have an access to adult content.

Installing monitoring software parents will have a complete access to the following information:

  • Chats, all types of messages (even typed but not sent);
  • Browser history;
  • Screenshots that can be made even during Skype video calls;
  • Emails;
  • Running apps, etc.

Parent don’t have to tell children that they are being monitored as this software runs on the background in a stealth mode and cannot be detected.

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